Research at ECG is focused on processing-structure-property relationships in electronic ceramics. There are two thrusts (1) Energy conversion and storage materials and (2) 2D behavior. All the research topics are united under creation and control of interfaces and elucidating their effects on the electrical and thermal properties of materials. First thrust includes research on high temperature piezoelectrics, high temperature thermoelectrics and solid-state batteries with an objective to achieve structural batteries. Second thrust includes oxide based heterointerfaces and 2D oxides. Our objective is to investigate fundamental sciences and develop next generation materials and devices that will integrate physics and materials with other engineering fields such as mechanical and electrical engineering.

Thrust 1: Energy conversion and storage materials
(i) High temperature piezoelectrics
(ii) Thermoelectrics for power generation
(iii) Structural batteries

Thrust 2: 2D behavior
(i) Oxide based hetero-interfaces
(ii) 2D Oxides

These topics align with the area of sustainable energy systems. In addition, the technologies developed will be applicable to a wide range of transportation systems including space and aeronautical vehicles. Our objective of bridging the gap between basic research and application guides our approach to focus also on additional factors such as cost, abundance, availability and toxicity of materials.