Team Members

Get to know team members from Case Western Reserve University and academic and industrial partners part of theSCC-IRG Track 2: A Manufacturing-Driven Approach to Advancing Community in Northeast Ohio grant at CWRU.

Meet the Team

Case Western Reserve University

Robert Gao, PhD, PI

  • Cady Staley Professor and Chair, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Sensing Physics, IIoT Solutions, AI for Data Analytics, Manufacturing

Kenneth Loparo, PhD, Co-PI

  • Arthur L. Parker Professor, Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering

  • IIoT, Signal Processing, Control, Automation, Blockchain Optimization

Kalle Lyytinen, PhD, Co-PI

  • Distinguished Professor and Iris W. Wolstein Chair, Weatherhead School of Management

  • Organizational Change, STS analysis, Digital Innovation

Susan Helper, PhD, Co-PI

  • Carlton Professor of Economics, Weatherhead School of Management

  • Manufacturing Organization, Workforce & Productivity

Pan Li, PhD, Co-PI

  • Associate Professor, Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering

  • Network Science, Economics, Distributed Decision-Making

Jianjing Zhang, PhD

  • Research Associate, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

TC Eley

  • PhD Student, Weatherhead School of Management


Cleveland State University and Lorain County Community College

Debbie Jackson, PhD, Academic collaborator

  • Professor and Chair, College of Education and Human Services, Cleveland State University

  • Teacher Education, STEM, Project-based Learning

Hikmat Chedid, PhD, Academic collaborator

  • Professor of Computer Science, Division of Engineering, Business, & information, Lorain County Community College

  • System Operation, Fiber Optics, Digital Communication


Industrial Collaborators

Jason Drake, PhD

  • Executive Director, Dan T. Moore

  • Workforce Development, Production Testbed Renovation, Internship

Lincoln Electric

  • Collaboration through proposal submitted to EDA Public Works by Dan T. Moore Co.

  • Arc Welding and Robotic Welding Systems, Workforce Training

Jergens, Inc.

  • Collaboration through proposal submitted to EDA Public Works by Dan T. Moore Co.

  • Quick-Change Fixturing Technologies Across Machine Platforms

Jay Foran

  • Senior Vice President, TeamNEO

  • Smart Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio (NEO)

Ethan Karp, PhD

  • President & Chief Executive Officer, MAGNET

  • Manufacturer Extension Partnership (MEP) for SMMs, Talent Development

John Dyck

  • Chief Executive Officer, CESMI

  • Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform, Digital Transformation

Mike Yost

  • Founder, Bennit AI

  • Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Institute, Workforce Development

Ken Patsey

  • Chief Executive Officer, Manufacturing Works

  • SMM Advocacy, Training and Workforce Development