Ohio Board of Regents Doctoral Program Statement

Mission Statement

The Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering conducts world-class research in areas of national priority on advanced polymeric materials systems, biofunctional polymers, polymers for energy applications, and materials that foster sustainability. Through comprehensive and interdisciplinary graduate training aligned with the research focus, the Department prepares PhD graduates to assume leadership positions in the research and development enterprise of academia, industry and government. Thus we educate and train a diverse highly-skilled technical workforce that is knowledgeable in the science and engineering of polymeric materials and who are well-equipped to solve current and future global problems.

Manner in which the Program Addresses Needs of the State or Region

The PhD program prepares graduates, knowledgeable and highly skilled in the science and engineering of polymeric materials, to address the needs of Ohio industry. The use of polymeric materials plays a vital role in diverse industrial arenas, including the biomedical, information-based, and sustainable energy industries.  Our graduates who remain in the State directly contribute to research and development innovations and solutions that lead to new products, the formation of new companies, and the growth of existing companies within the State.  Graduates who leave the State serve as ambassadors of Ohio and help Ohio companies connect with opportunities around the world.  The students and faculty of the Macromolecular Science & Engineering Department are a resource that helps to attract industry to Ohio and to keep Ohio companies here.

Admission Standards

A bachelor’s degree in an engineering or science field is required.  A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.00 is required.  GRE and TOEFL exams are required of international students.  Letters of recommendations are required. The files are reviewed by the Graduate Committee, and acceptance decisions are made based on a collective evaluation of all the above including evidence of prior research success, the reputation of the student’s undergraduate institution and knowledge and familiarity of the applicant’s references.

Placement Objective for Students

To place all our students in professional careers with industry, academia, government agencies, national labs, or in forming new companies through entrepreneurial activities.