In The News


FGC Plasma Solutions startup company out of CWRU received two, separate $50,000 proizes at the fifth annual Clean Energy Challenge. 


CSE's Philip Feng received an incubator award from the U.S. D.O.E. to develop piezoelectric resonant devices that can run on vibrations that occur during normal building use. 


Case Western Reserve hosts Research ShowCASE, with highlights including the robot Philos, a functional electrical stimulation device to help quadriplegic patients and think[box].


Local teens involved in a program sponsored by the National Society of Black Engineers visit CWRU every Saturday for hands-on activities that teach engineering concepts. 


The CWRU student-run company FGC Plasma Solutions, which is developing a fuel nozzle to improve jet-engine efficiency, won the $50,000 D.O.E. Student Prize at the Clean Energy Challenge business competition. 


A new carbon-foam-based catalyst for rechargeable zinc-air batteries developed at CWRU and U of North Texas performs as well or better than most previously reported catalysts. 


Through the  Institute for Functional Restoration, CSE's Hunter Peckham is working to address the problems in bringing niche products in the spinal-cord injury space to market and keeping them there. 


The Burton D. Morgan Foundation granted $1M to established the Burton D. Morgan Suite for Entrepreneurship with CWRU's new think[box] innovation center. 


CSE's Liming Dai comments on new smart windows that can harvest electricity from wind or precipitation that could be a future source of renewable energy. 


CWRU student startup company Carbon Origins made their second appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show, promoting their Apollo development kit.