List of Electronics Design Center Equipment

The Electronics Design Center contains a variety of equipment used in the production, packaging and testing of microfabricated devices.  The major equipment is located in one of three labs, the Room 21 (B07) fabrication laboratory, the Room 32 (B10) thin film clean room or the Room 34 (B16) thick film clean room.  Other pieces of equipment are located in other Bingham basement locations.

 Room 21 (B07) Fabrication Clean Room Equipment

  • Laurell Wafer Spinner– for spinning up to 8 inch diameter wafers with high torque motor and spindle for thick resists. Computer programmable with storage for recipes.
  • Wenesco Hot Plate- 12 inch x 12 inch programmable hot plate for curing material on wafers
  • Wafer Spin Rinse Dryers– for cleaning and drying wafers
  • ABM Aligner- double sided IR aligner for photolithography

Room 32 (B10) Thin Film Deposition Clean Room Equipment

  • Denton Vacuum Discovery 18– sputtering system for deposition of conductors (targets available include: Ag, Al, Au, C, Cr, Cu, Fe, ITO, Ir, Mo, Ni, Pd, Pt, Sn, Stainless Steel, Ta, Ti, TiN, TiW, W, WO3, Zr)
  • Denton Vacuum Explorer 14– sputtering system for deposition of insulators (targets include: Al2O3, BN, SiC, SiO2, Pyrex, Si)
  • Denton Vacuum Explorer 14– sputtering system for conductor and insulator deposition

Room 34 (B16) Thick Film Deposition Clean Room Equipment

  • Asymtek Century C-730 Jet Dispenser– a non-contact method of depositing a liquid through a needle or nozzle onto a substrate. Designed for use in electronics packaging it can be used for depositing solders, epoxies or silicones.  It is a versatile machine and has been used to deposit photoresists, fuel cell catalysts and enzymes.
  • MPM TF-100 Thick Film Printer– screen printer for making hybrid circuit bases and sensors.
  • Parker Automation Picospritzer – dispense picoliter to nanoliter volumes of liquids

Other Available Equipment

  • Disco DAD3350 Dicing Saw – for dicing 2” – 8” diameter wafers of silicon, glass, quartz and alumina
  • Versa Laser - diode laser for cutting of plastics, custom o-ring cutting, glass, plastic and metal marking
  • Unitek Spot Welder - for small metal to metal connections
  • Econoline Enclosed Bead Blaster - removes film buildup from sputtering equipment as well as rust, scale and paint