Microfabricated Alumina Fuel CellThe Mission of the EDC is to advance the science and technology of microsensors and microsystems for chemical and biological applications and to provide education, training, expertise and facilities for students, faculty, and industrial researchers to advance these technologies.

SensorThe EDC focuses on the advancement of science and technology of sensor research and provides facilities and training for academic and industrial research.  Applications for this research include medical, biological, automotive, industrial process control and various environmental uses.  The Center interacts with more than 80 companies worldwide.

Current work has been in the areas of chemical, and biological sensors.  Extensive work has been done on gas sensors such as H2, O2, NOx, and CO.  Another major area of research is microelectrochemical devices such as batteries and fuel cells.  The batteries and fuel cells are produced using standard microfabrication techniques resulting in very thin devices that are cheap to produce.  Miniaturized telemetry systems to transmit the sensor information to the outside world have been developed and are currently being revised to allow for more sensor outputs to be added.