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CWRU Students Receive Top Recognition in RePicture Award Program

RePicture is a virtual community that promotes education and networking among engineering students and professionals. RePicture promotes the amazing work done by engineers of diverse backgrounds and gives students a window into their possible contribution as professionals. (click for full story).

In November, 2020, RePicture held a virtual awards ceremony sponsored by industry partners, including the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). Brian Lin, a CWRU Senior, won AISC’s award for “Best Project Write Up” for his profile of Raleigh Union Station. Brian Lin chose this project based on his passion for innovative and sustainable Transportation design. He highlighted the creative reuse of structural materials, allowing preservation of 80% of the existing steel from the repurposed industrial warehouse for use in the new structure. See Brian’s award winning project and professional profile here.

Projects for RePicture were completed in conjunction with ECIV 371 Structural Design II, a course taught by Professor Katie Wheaton.