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Students ASHE Lake Erie Transportation Engineer Scholarship

CWRU CEE students, Elizabth White and Brian Lin, are recipients of the 2021 American Society of Highway Engineer (ASHE) Lake Erie Section scholarship. The scholarship is selected among Northeast Ohio Civil Engineering students with an interest in Transportation Engineering.

Elizabeth, a Junior and third year Varsity soccer player, wrote to the committee about a CWRU seminar she took called “Transportation in American Life.” In her essay Elizabeth writes, “…I was most captivated by the Interstate Highway system…reading about the work gave me a newfound appreciation and love for the work of a a highway engineer…Engineers have to take into account the impact on communities and people…I appreciate the extra challenge…to make a positive impact on communities.”  (click to continue)

Brian Lin’s interest in Transportation engineer began as a high school student while living in Raleigh, NC. During annual trips to Indonesia to visit his extended family, he experienced firsthand the impact that transportation systems have on society.  Those who live in countries with under-developed infrastructure experience a stark difference in quality of life. Brian recognized at a young age the impact he could make by studying this discipline. Brian writes, “taking on that responsibility of the integrity of those transportation systems excited me as I will be able to contribute to the community.”