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Dr. Frank Rausche honored with E.A.L. Smith Award Lectureship by Pile Driving Contractor Association

Dr. Frank Rausche, Department Alumni and long term supporter, has been honored with the 
Pile Driving Contractor Association (PDCA) E.A.L. Smith Award Lectureship.   The E.A.L. Smith Award Lecture is presented triennially during each International Foundations Conference & Equipment Expo (IFCEE) and is given to an individual who has demonstrated creative and original work that helps the driven pile industry provide an economical, sustainable, effective and environmentally conscious foundation solution.   According to the selection Committee, Dr. Rausche has “provided the engineer with a tool that helped design driven piles not only for geotechnical or structural suitability, but also for driveability and, therefore, constructability.”
Dr. Rausche has been involved in the research and development of dynamic testing and analysis methods since the mid-1960s, developing the original CAPWAP® program in 1969 and its continued improvements. He devised the Case Method Capacity and Integrity Formulas and was co-developer of the Pile Driving Analyzer®, cementing dynamic pile testing as a routine practice in the industry. He also served as the co-principal investigator in the development of the WEAP wave equation program for the Federal Highways Administration in 1976 and was principal investigator for its subsequent 1981 update. He then developed GRLWEAP for personal computers in the 1980s.
Dr. Rausche was also one of the original founders of GRL Engineers, Inc., a professional engineering firm established to provide specialized testing, analysis and consulting services to the deep foundation industry; Dr. Rausche served as company president from 1977 to 2011, and continues today as a senior consultant for both GRL Engineers, Inc. and Pile Dynamics, Inc.
Dr. Rausche will receive the award and deliver his lecture at IFCEE 2021, held in Dallas, Texas, May 10 to 14.  
(Nov 23, 2020)