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Civil Engineering Student Ram Mazumder Wins First Prize in ASCE UESI Pipelines 2020 Poster Competition

Ram Krishna Mazumder, a Ph. D. student from the Department of Civil Engineering wins the first prize in a poster competition in the American Society of Civil Engineer’s (ASCE) Pipelines 2020 Conference. The Pipelines 2020 Conference is part of the new Utility Engineering & Surveying Institute (UESI) of the ASCE. Due to this unprecedented situation, the conference was held virtually for this year. Ram’s poster titled “Seismic Damage and Renewal Cost Analysis of Buried Water Pipelines: A Python-based Computational Framework” was focused on estimating pipeline damage and renewal cost of buried water pipelines by extending the existing fragility model that accounts for the effect of corrosion deterioration of pipeline. A computationally efficient python-based framework named ‘SeismoPi: Seismic Damage Assessment Tools for Buried Pipelines’ was developed in this research. Posters were judged by a panel of experts from UESI based on the significance and rigor of the science, clarity of presentation, and other factors. 

Ram Krishna Mazumder co-authored the poster with his advisor, Professor Yue Li, along with Professor Xiong (Bill) Yu, and Professor Abdullahi Salman, a faculty member at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and was formerly a research associate at Case.

This work stems from an NSF project entitled “CRISP Type 2: Collaborative Research: Multi-agent Sustainable Water Decision Theory: Nexus water, road, and hierarchical contractual system”. Professor Yu is the PI, and Professor Li is a Co-PI involving collaborations with Washington State Univ, Penn State, and Montana State Univ.

The poster can be downloaded from here:

A recent publication entitled ‘Framework for Seismic Damage and Renewal Cost Analysis of Buried Water Pipelines’ stems from this project is available:

The ‘SeismoPi’ tool can be downloaded here: