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Women Builders Council to host Seminar Series at CWRU

In 2018 two students from CWRU’s Civil Engineering department reached out to the Women Builders Council (WBC) because their mission resonated strongly. WBC empowers women and promotes diversity throughout the construction industry. It was founded by women business owners who recognized the challenges of doing business in a traditionally male-dominated industry.  Students Sarah Carlson & Maria Tompkins intrigued the director of WBC with their passion and dedication to introduce the professional group to their campus. Working together, and with faculty advisor Katie P. Wheaton, P.E., S.E., a special workshop series for students will be offered in the 2019/2020 academic year. Says Sarah, “I am incredibly passionate about the field of construction and seek to spark the same passion in my peers.” Maria is “so excited to create a space for women on campus who have goals similar to mine. WBC is the perfect way to do so.”    

Anyone with an interest in the topic of women in construction is welcome to attend one or more of the seminars.  For the full schedule contact Katie P. Wheaton of the Civil Engineering Department,