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CWRU Civil Engineering Steel Bridge Team competes at national competition


The CWRU Civil Engineering Steel Bridge Team competed at the national competition in Carbondale, Ill., June 1, 2019. The team dropped six minutes in construction speed with a time of 19 minutes, and the bridge stiffened up with only 2.07 inches of deflection.

Out of 38 teams, Case Western Reserve’s team placed seventh in lightness and 16th in aesthetics. Overall, the team lowered its score by more than $1,000,000—a drop from $7,900,000 at regionals to $6,700,000 at nationals—leaving them in 32nd place in the category. The score reflects efficiency and economy in both construction and design; therefore, a lower score is better.   The team ranked No. 2 in the regional contest which advanced them to the nationwide competition.