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Brazilian Civil Engineering students received summer research experience at CWRU

Two undergraduate students from Brazil, Rodrigo Teixeira Schossler and Igor dos Santos Rodrigues de Lima, conducted research with Dr. Xiong (Bill)  Yu’s group during Summer 2015.   Rodrigo is a senior in the Department of Civil Engineering, Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil.   Igor is a junior in the Department of Civil Engineering, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil.   Both Rodrigo and Igor were supported by the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, which aims to provide opportunities for Brazilian students to receive international research and educational experience.

Their summer research project aimed to study the potential to beneficially utilize waste materials (i.e., scrap tire rubber and steel fiber reclaimed from waste truck tires) in construction materials.   Rodrigo and Igor worked with Jane Hu, a Ph.D. student in our Department, to implement an experimental study.   The team designed and mixed concrete recipes with a variety combination of crump rubber and steel fiber; and subsequently conducted a comprehensive experimental program to characterize the behaviors of concrete incorporated with different amounts of recycled materials.   Preliminary research demonstrates positive effects of using these recycled materials to improve the ductility, fracture toughness, as well as acoustic, thermal and electrical properties.   The team plans to disseminate the discoveries at forthcoming conferences.  Both Rodrigo and Igor were pleased with their experience at Case Western Reserve University.  A small celebration was conducted at the closure of the summer research program (Photo).   

Photo: presentation of Certificate of Research Accomplishment to Rodrigo (2nd to the left and Igor 2nd to the right) by Jane (1st to the left) and Dr. Yu (1st to the right)