Undergraduate Program

The faculty of the Civil Engineering Department believe very strongly that undergraduate education should prepare students to be productive professional engineers. For this reason, particular emphasis in undergraduate teaching is placed on the application of engineering principles to the solution of problems. After completing a broad Civil Engineering core program, undergraduate students choose an elective sequence in one of the areas of civil engineering of particular interest, such as structural, geotechnical, or environmental engineering; construction management or engineering mechanics.

In order to provide undergraduates with experience in the practice of Civil Engineering,  the department attempts to arrange summer employment for students during  the three summers between their semesters at Case Western Reserve University. By working for organizations in areas of design and construction, students gain invaluable knowledge about how the profession  functions. This experience helps students gain more from their education and helps them be more more competitive when seeking future employment.

A cooperative education program is also available. This allows the student to spend time an extended period of time working full-time in an engineering capacity with a contractor, consulting engineer, architect, or materials supplier during the course of his or her education. This learning experience is designed to integrate classroom theory with practical experience and professional development.

The curriculum has been designed so that students choose a sequence of four (4) or more approved elective courses. The sequence gives students the opportunity to pursue in more depth a particular area of practice into Civil Engineering. Samples of courses from which elective sequences may be chosen follow the Civil Engineering curriculum in this bulletin. In addition, all Civil Engineering students participate in a team senior capstone design course which provides them experience with solving multidisciplinary Civil Engineering problems.

Students enrolled in other majors may pursue a minor in civil engineering. A minimum of 15 credit hours of Civil Engineering courses and prior Department minor advisor approval are required

Most classes in the Civil Engineering Department have enrollment of less than 25  so the students have opportunities to develop close professional  relationships with the faculty. Students also  have opportunities to gain practical experience as well as earn a supplemental income by assisting faculty members on consulting work or a funded research project.

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree program with a major in Civil Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.

Review full degree requirements and course descriptions in our General Bulletin. 

Undergraduate Enrollment and Graduation Data