The Integrated BS/MS (Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Master of Science) Program with a major in Civil Engineering is intended for highly motivated candidates for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) at CWRU who wish to pursue an advanced degree. Application to the BS/MS program should be made after completion of 75 semester hours of course work and prior to attaining senior status (completion of 90 semester hours). Generally, this means a student will submit the application during the sixth semester of undergraduate course enrollment and will have no fewer than two semesters of remaining BSE requirements to complete. Applicants should consult their academic advisor or the departmental BS/MS program coordinator, Prof. Pollino, for additional details.

A student admitted to the program may, in the senior year, take up to nine credit hours of course work that will count towards both their BSE and MS degree requirements. The courses to be doubled-counted must be specified at the time of the BS/MS application. Approved courses at the 300 level and above, which are taken prior to awarding the BSE degree and are beyond the 9 hours of double-counted courses, may be applied towards MS degree requirements as long as it conforms to university, school, and department requirements. Students must petition to apply such course work towards the MS degree requirements subject to the rules of the School of Graduate Studies. 

Students will be expected to complete the BSE degree before taking further graduate courses for the Master’s degree.

Applications to the BS/MS Program must include the following:

  • The completed application form
  • A Statement of Objectives
  • An official CWRU transcript
  • Three letters of recommendation (additional information here)
  • An approved Program of Study (form here)

All applications can be submitted electronically here however, the Program of Study is submitted separately to the Office of Undergraduate Studies and must list the courses that will be counted for the MS degree (minimum of 27 hours). The Program of Study must be approved by the Faculty Advisor and the Department Chair before being submitted as part of the application. GRE exam scores are not required for students applying for the BS/MS Program. BS/MS applicants need not pay the graduate application fee.  The Case School of Engineering (CSE) and the Dept. of Civil Engineering sets the minimum GPA for admission to the BS/MS Program at 3.00.

General requirements for completion of the MS degree are documented here.  Students are responsible for checking with the Office of Graduate Studies to learn the exact deadline dates for applying for graduation and to satisfy all graduation requirements for the MS. See School of Graduate Studies website for more information. 

Financial Aid

The Civil Engineering Department has no involvement with undergraduate financial aid or with the Office of Financial Aid. Undergraduate scholarships typically last until the end of the eighth semester of undergraduate study, or until the BSE degree is awarded (whichever comes first). Students can use their undergraduate financial aid until it expires. Students who entered CWRU with advanced placement credit or who have taken extra courses each semester may complete BS/MS degree requirements in four years.  The Office of Undergraduate Studies requires students to graduate with their BSE as soon as all degree requirements have been completed.

The Civil Engineering Department provides scholarships to students accepted into the Civil Engineering BS/MS program dependent on program enrollment and available funding. Scholarships typically apply after completion of the requirements for the BSE degree. Service may be requested for scholarship recipients to assist Department research or teaching activities. Students may also contact faculty members to seek support as research assistants on research grants. Such positions typically require students to work on project tasks that may also satisfy graduate degree requirements. Additional sources of financial aid for the MS degree may be available from organizations such as the National Science Foundation, NASA, Ohio Department of Transportation, among others.

Often BS/MS students want to know whether they are Undergraduate or Graduate students (or both). In some ways, they are both, but both the University and Case School of Engineering considers them to be undergraduate students until they complete the requirements for their BSE degree). Once their undergraduate degree is awarded, students become a graduate student. This distinction can be important because undergraduate and graduate rules differ. For example, to be a full-time undergraduate, a student must register for at least 12 credit hours per semester, while graduate students are only required to register for 9 credit hours per semester to be considered as full-time students.