Welcome to Materials Science and Engineering

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE) at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) is a research-centered educational environment whose mission is to enhance the productivity, quality, and benefit of materials-related learning to its students, faculty, and community. DMSE bears a commitment to the improvement of materials technology as an advantaged academic unit equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in areas of materials surface analysis, mechanical characterization, and an extensive suite of advanced electron microscopy instrumentation that act in synergy to consistently thrust us among the top tiers of materials research institutions in the nation.


MRS chapter founded at CWRU

MRS Executive Director Todd M. Osman was called upon to present the charter to the newest MRS Student chapter to representatives of his alma mater, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. The new chapter has been founded under the direction of President Janet Gbur, Vice President Henry Nielson, Secretary Maryam Zahiri, Treasurer Mohsen Seifi, and Faculty Advisor Roger French. In figure from left to right: Todd Osman, Jim McGuffin-Cawley, Heather Lemire, and Orlando Auciello

Alan Filer named 2013 Fulbright Scholar

Alan Filer, of Hometown Colorado Springs CO, a graduating senior in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering has been named a 2013 Fulbright Scholar. He has been awarded a grant to pursue his research interests in Ulsan South Korea. His project "will seek to explore modifications to existing solar cell structures, mainly in the form of material replacement, either of rare or toxic materials. This replacement will allow for decreased costs and wider employment of these structures." He would like to thank his parents for being invaluable in his educational experience.

Air Force awards researchers $2.9 million grant to build foundation for heat-tolerant electronics

Case Western Reserve University is leading an international investigation of a finicky alternative to silicon-based electronics and its use in high temperatures or under radiation that would render traditional components useless.
The Air Force Office of Scientific Research has awarded a $2.9 million grant to the engineers and scientists to systematically analyze what’s called a “Quasi-2Dimensional-Electron Gas (Q-2D-EG)” forming at an oxide-heterointerface. The interface between a metal oxide film and a substrate can be formed into a transistor.

CWRU-led teams win funding for two manufacturing projects

Case Western Reserve University and partners have won funding to develop new ways to repair and alter costly manufacturing tools using three-dimensional printing technology.
Last year, the Obama administration conceived of NAMII as the pilot program for the much-publicized National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. NAMII is focused on accelerating the implementation of additive manufacturing technologies to the U.S. manufacturing sector and increasing domestic manufacturing competitiveness.