Welcome to Materials Science and Engineering

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE) at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) is a research-centered educational environment whose mission is to enhance the productivity, quality, and benefit of materials-related learning to its students, faculty, and community. DMSE bears a commitment to the improvement of materials technology as an advantaged academic unit equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in areas of materials surface analysis, mechanical characterization, and an extensive suite of advanced electron microscopy instrumentation that act in synergy to consistently thrust us among the top tiers of materials research institutions in the nation.


Congratulations to EMSE Faculty for several awards at the Case School of Engineering Spring Meeting

Several faculty members from Department of Materials Science and Engineering received awards at the Case School of Engineering Spring Meeting. Prof. David Mathiesen received the CSE International Activity Recognition Award, Prof. Matthew Willard received the CSE Undergraduate Teaching Award and the Prof. Alp Sehirlioglu received the CSE Research Award. In addition, Prof. Peter Lagerlof and Prof. Mark DeGuire were recognized for their 30 years of service to the School of Engineering.

Congratulations to the students from the EMSE Department for several awards at the ShowCASE

Elahe Farghadany and Henry Neilson both won first place awards, Tektronix/Keithley and Sherwin Williams first place awards, respectively. Elahe's poster was on "Optimizing Single Crystal Epitaxial Li3xLa2/3-xTiO3 Growth on SrTiO3 Substrate," and Henry's poster was titled "Hot Deformation/Forging and Mechanical Behavior of 3rd Generation Al-Li Alloy. In addition, several undergraduate students, Jonathan Healy, Renkai Jia and Corey Long, received the second place at Intersections - SOURCE Symposium & Poster Award for their work on "The Nitinol Based Stir-Rod." Their faculty mentor was Prof. Peter Lagerlof.

Prof. French and Prof. Sehirlioglu were honored at the CSE chairing ceremony

Prof. Roger French was honored as Kyocera Professor of Ceramics, Materials Science and Engineering. Prof. Alp Sehirlioglu was honored as Warren E. Rupp Distinguished Assistant Professor. The chairing ceremony was held in Maltz Performing Center at Case Western Reserve University. Profs. French and Sehirlioglu were among the twelve professors chaired at Case School of Engineering.

Congrats to the EMSE nominee for 2017 Carl F. Wittke Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Prof. Alp Sehirlioglu was one of the 32 university faculty members nominated for the 2017 Carl F. Wittke Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. The Carl F. Wittke Award was established in 1971 in honor of Carl Wittke, a former faculty member, dean and vice president of Western Reserve University. The list of the 2017 nominees can be found at this link.


Janet Gbur Appointed to the Student Council of the Microscopy Society of America

The Microscopy Society of America (MSA) approved a resolution at its annual Winter Council Meeting to improve the level and sustainability of student input in its decision-making by creating a Student Council. The Student Council features offices that parallel those of the Executive Committee and the major standing committees of the Society. This structure was proposed by MSA’s student leaders in order to provide leadership opportunities to the Society’s
members at the earliest stages of their careers.

The inaugural Executive Officers of the Student Council are: Joshua Silverstein, Miami University of Ohio (President); Janet Gbur, Case Western Reserve University (President-Elect); James Kilcrease, Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (Past President); Cameron Varano, Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Secretary); and Ethan Lawrence, Arizona State University (Treasurer). In addition, William Bowman of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been appointed Chair of the Student Council Program Committee, and is principal organizer of a PreMeeting Congress in conjunction with the Society’s 75th anniversary meeting, the first-ever Pre-Meeting Congress organized by student leaders.

Reporting to the MSA membership at its 2016 Annual Members Meeting, 75th Anniversary Committee Chair, Beth Dickey, noted that there was widespread consensus that the creation of the Student Committee was an important step forward for the Society, but that it needed to be restructured to achieve a more sustainable model. The Student Council does just that. New officers will be elected annually at Microscopy & Microanalysis, the Society’s annual meeting, by the students in attendance.