Prof. Frank Ernst named the 2019 Jessica Melton Perry Distinguished Teacher

Congratulations! The Center for the Study of Writing selected Prof. Frank Ernst to receive the 2019 Jessica Melton Perry Award for Distinguished Teaching in Disciplinary and Professional Writing. This award recognizes his outstanding commitment to and success in teaching disciplinary/professional writing to CWRU students.
Prof. Ernst is recognized for his development and implementation of EMSE 768: Professional Writing in Materials Science. This course properly prepares students for scientific writing with a comprehensive spectrum of knowledge, skills, and tools enabling them to fully focus on the scientific content of their thesis or publication when the time has come to start writing. Similar to artistic drawing, where the ability to "see" is as (or more!) important as skills of the hand, the ability of proper scientific writing is intimately linked to the ability of critically reviewing scientific texts. Therefore, students will practice both authoring and critical reviewing of material science texts. To sharpen students' skills of reviewing, examples of good and less good scientific writing will be taken from published literature of materials science and engineering and analyzed in the context of knowledge acquired in the course. At the end of the course, students will have set up skills and a highly functional work environment to start writing their role thesis or article with full focus on the scientific content. While the course mainly targets students of materials science and engineering, students of other disciplines of science and engineering may also benefit from the course material. Enrollment for the summer semester is open: link