Congratulations to the students from the EMSE Department for several awards at the ShowCASE

Elahe Farghadany and Henry Neilson both won first place awards, Tektronix/Keithley and Sherwin Williams first place awards, respectively. Elahe's poster was on "Optimizing Single Crystal Epitaxial Li3xLa2/3-xTiO3 Growth on SrTiO3 Substrate," and Henry's poster was titled "Hot Deformation/Forging and Mechanical Behavior of 3rd Generation Al-Li Alloy. In addition, several undergraduate students, Jonathan Healy, Renkai Jia and Corey Long, received the second place at Intersections - SOURCE Symposium & Poster Award for their work on "The Nitinol Based Stir-Rod." Their faculty mentor was Prof. Peter Lagerlof.