Kent Hale Smith Laboratories

Biological Materials Laboratory

Drector: A. Jamieson

 The Biological Materials Laboratory has facilities for characterization of certain aspects of structure, size, and shape of biological molecules.

In affiliation with associated laboratories on campus, the capability exists to purify, identify, sequence, and physically characterize a range of biological macromolecules.

Currently, the main instrumental areas are static and dynamic laser light scattering, and viscoelastic and rheological measurements.


- Brookhaven Instruments digital photon correlation spectrometer

- Malvern Corp. digital photon correlation spectrometer

- Rheometrics RFS 8500 Fluids Spectrometer, Couette and cone and plate capability, 10�C80�C

- Rheometrics rheo-optical analyzer

- Beckman DB-6 grating spectrophotometer

- Differential refractometer