Electronics Design Center

The Electronics Design Center (EDC) is a world-renowned research center specializing in the development of microsensors and microsystems.  The Electronics Design Center dedicates itself to the facilitation of technology transfer between a university and an industrial environment.  The EDC is not only a research center but also a fully equipped microfabrication laboratory. We specialize in small, prototyping runs of devices or can provide a service on a device that you already possess. One of our unique strengths is applying microfabrication processes to non-silicon, non-traditional materials.

The EDC provides services to the university community and external customers such as:

  • metal sputtering including Pt, Au, Ag, Ir, Pd, W and others
  • insulator sputtering including SiO2, SiC, BN, Al2O3
  • wafer dicing
  • thick film printing
  • 4 point probe measurements
  • laser cutting of plastics  


For more information please contact the center's director:

Dr. Chung-Chiun Liu, FRSC
Wallace R. Persons Professor of Sensor Technology & Control

Professor of Chemical Engineering
Director, Electronics Design Center