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2018-06-02 (All day)

Bolu Ajiboye, PhD and Robert Kirsch, PhD received first place for the 2018 International Annual Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Research Award, for their project entitled “Restoring Functional Reach-to-Grasp in a Person with Chronic Tetraplegia using Implanted Functional Electrical Stimulation and Intracortical Brain-Computer Interfaces.”

2018-05-30 (All day)

Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland-based biotechnology company Haima Therapeutics LLC have signed a two-year option to license a technology to prevent and treat bleeding complications from trauma, low platelet counts and surgery.

2018-05-23 (All day)

Three Hathaway Brown students spent May 13-18 in Pittsburgh, PA where they competed in the Intel ISEF (International Science & Engineering Fair), the largest pre-college science fair in the world.

2018-05-17 (All day)

Xconomy New York — It turns out interpreting biopsies isn’t entirely unlike mapping the rocky terrain of Mars. Thomas Fuchs, a former research technologist at NASA, is taking some of what he learned in training algorithms to navigate the Red Planet for the Mars Rover project and applying it to create cancer-detecting algorithms.

2018-05-07 (All day)

A robot in Singapore assembled an IKEA chair, new MRI sensors can peer deep inside the brain, and noise-canceling tech for windows can cut street noise by half. A nice try, but this week’s science will keep people talking.

2018-04-27 (All day)

BME Grad students win top prize at annual Medical Capital Innovation Competition - Second year in a row

2018-04-27 (All day)

Case Western Reserve University’s diagnostic imaging computers outperform human counterparts, but offer tools for better, less costly care

2018-04-21 (All day)

Research by Anant Madabhushi, the F. Alex Nason Professor II of biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve University, has been selected as one of the top 100 read oncology papers for Scientific Reports in 2017.

2018-04-18 (All day)

Case Western Reserve University researchers engineer better way to insert more flexible neural implants into soft brain tissue