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2017-11-02 (All day)

NIH grant may enable new directions for cancer immunotherapies

2017-10-26 (All day)

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Pallavi Tiwari in collaboration with Jennifer Yu (Cleveland Clinic) was awarded a 3 year $200K Dana Foundation grant to develop neuroimaging tools for predicting treatment response in metastatic brain tumors following chemo-radiation.

2017-09-28 (All day)

Case Western Reserve University researcher lands DoD grant

2017-09-25 (All day)

Case Western Reserve University researchers target tumor protein

2017-09-21 (All day)

With a new $5.5 million, five-year federal grant, a Case Western Reserve University researcher is leading an international team to develop functional materials inspired by some of the most desirable substances found in nature.

2017-08-24 (All day)

The School of Medicine is pleased to announce the launching of the CWRU Center for Bio-Nanotechnology under the direction of Nicole F. Steinmetz, PhD.

2017-08-16 (All day)

A new machine learning program developed by researchers at Case Western Reserve University appears to outperform other methods for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease before symptoms begin to interfere with every day living, initial testing shows.

2017-07-26 (All day)

A team of biomedical engineering researchers earned official commendations from the State of Ohio for its first-place finish in the collegiate division at the inaugural Medical Capital Innovation Competition earlier this year. 

2017-07-21 (All day)

Nate Braman received a travel award to participate in the Rally for Medical Research Hill Day September 13 -14 in Washington, DC

2017-07-18 (All day)

New research suggests co-administration with chemotherapy drugs most effective strategy