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2017-03-21 (All day)

BME Biomaterials Faculty score lead roles at multiple GRC conferences

2017-03-21 (All day)

What do basketball and biomedical engineering have in common? They are both areas where universities compete.

2017-02-23 (All day)

Reversing Paralysis: Scientists are making remarkable progress at using brain implants to restore the freedom of movement that spinal cord injuries take away.

2017-02-20 (All day)

BME graduate student's work with Dr Pallavi Tiwari (PI) highlighted: Computer vision is a sub-domain of artificial intelligence that deals with how computers gain high level understanding through acquiring, processing and analyzing digital images and video.

2017-02-10 (All day)

His patent is titled “Histogram of hosoya index (HoH) features for quantitative histomorphometry.”

2017-02-07 (All day)

An interdisciplinary team used an MRI quantification technique called "shape atlasing" to detect subtle deformations in cancerous prostate glands, finding a consistent anterior bulge among the patient cohort.

2017-02-02 (All day)

NPR broadcasted their segment "Navigating Cancer" series featuring MRI-guided biopsy for prostate cancer. 

2017-02-01 (All day)

Potential biomarker of disease appears to be free of troubling image variability

2017-01-19 (All day)

The nexus between man and machine. Human touch. The tactile sensation that engages us with the world in a way perhaps no other sense can.

2017-01-19 (All day)

Predicting disease outcome through digital pathology-based imaging.