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Center for the Evaluation of Implant Performance

Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for the Evaluation of Implant Performance is to pursue engineering and scientific analysis of retrieved joint reconstruction devices, to characterize the material and mechanical properties of implant materials, and to evaluate the performance of implants during patient use.  This mission is achieved through IRB-approved collection, maintenance, and protection of clinical and radiographic information and total joint replacement components obtained at revision or removal surgery.  The mission is further achieved through externally funded fundamental implant materials research programs. 

Our goal is to advance the science of joint replacement durability and improved performance for better patient outcomes through improvements in implant materials and design. 

The Center for the Evaluation of Implant Performance works in partnership with the Center for Joint Replacement and Restoration at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center.  Together, we seek to be recognized as a national leader for innovation and discovery in the area of orthopaedic joint reconstruction.