Invited Speakers

Invited speakers

Valentin Rodionov - Case Western Reserve University

Greg Beaucage - University of Cincinnati. Hierarchical dispersion and distribution for commercial pigments and fillers (Site:

Erick Vasquez - University of Dayton. Magnetic biobased-polymer nanocomposites: synthesis and applications (Site:

Kevin Cavicchi - University of Akron. Shape-morphing polymers (Site:

Peter Polyak / Judit Puskas - The Ohio State University. Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable polydisulfide elastomer from renewable resources (Site:

Sumit Sharma - Ohio University. Effects of single atom modifications on protein-ligand interactions studied using Markov state modeling (Site:

Matt Lynch - Procter and Gamble

Anesia Auguste - Air Force Research Lab. Topic area: Additive manufacturing

Amy Yousefi - Miami University. Numerical and statistical modeling in polymer processing and biomedical fields (Site:

Eugene Pashkovski - Lubrizol. Associative polymers in capillary breakup and rotary atomization of weakly elastic polymer solutions

Andrew Recker - Sherwin Williams. Innovating in the industry

Stephanie Vivod - NASA

Sveta Morozova - Case Western Reserve University. Polymer dynamics near complex surfaces. (Site:

Jonathan Pham - University of Cincinnati. Wetting, adhesion, and friction of soft material surfaces (Site: