Janet Gbur

Research Associate
Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Reliability Center
Nitinol Commercialization Accelerator Laboratory
Case Western Research University 

Dr. Gbur earned her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. She is a Research Associate in Materials Science and Engineering at CWRU working in the Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Reliability Center (AMMRC) and the Nitinol Commercialization Accelerator Laboratory (NCAL), which provide tools to better understand materials processing and mechanical reliability as well as develop a better understanding of Nitinol, a nickel-titanium alloy used in cardiovascular applications and orthodontia. Dr. Gbur is also Adjunct Faculty in the Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering Department at Youngstown State University.

The purpose of Dr. Gbur's research is to examine how material structure informs mechanical properties ultimately affecting performance, in particular, of devices used in medical applications. Her research goals include advancing the field of fatigue and fracture of medical materials and devices in two specific areas:

  1. Using advanced characterization techniques to understand structure at relevant size and length scales with correlation to long term performance
  2. Developing techniques to better understand the movement and translation of devices in vivo in order to better inform reliability testing and standards development

Research interests:
Fatigue and Fracture of Biomedical Materials, Medical Device Reliability and Subcomponent Mechanical Characterization, Microscale Reliability Testing, Material Characterization, Failure Analysis