About Us

Our Goals

Our goal is to bring together clinical neurology, computational neuroscience, and neural engineering to find new ways to enhance brain health. Interests of our researchers are neurodegenerative disorders that strike at the functional relationships between balance, vision, movement, and perception.

In the end, we will develop innovative brain modulation techniques, such as deep brain stimulation or focused ultrasound, and rehabilitation methods to revolutionize movement coordination, perception, fall prevention, quality of life, and longevity. This overarching goal is accomplished by an interdisciplinary team of lab members: engineers, physiologists, and clinicians. Get to know our team.

Our research thrives on diversity in every sense. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that drives cutting-edge discoveries. Our ongoing efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion complement our research, aiming for sustained excellence in education and innovation. We prioritize inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility to advance representation and inclusion for all, regardless of institutional, socio-economic, cultural, or scientific background. We believe that a diverse and inclusive community, encompassing students, staff, faculty, and broader stakeholders, is crucial for achieving excellence in education and research.


Shaikh Lab Team at the VA Medical Center, 2023

Left to right: Ibrahim, Bushra, Prajakta & Aratrik

Shaikh lab team at the AIPNO Conference, 2022