Ya-Ting T. Liao
Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Tel: 216.368.0048
Office: Glennan 619



Pushkal Kannan, Ph.D. Student, June 2020 - Present
Research Interest: prediction of forest fire propagation using ANN, CFD analysis
Hobbies: soccer, surfing, rafting, getting lost in a new place
e-mail: pxk388@case.ed

Boyu Wang, Ph.D. Student, August 2021 - Present
Research Interest: fire characterization of Li-ion battery, computational fluid dynamics
Hobbies: skiing, skating, fishing, hiking, traveling, swimming, and basketball

Robin Neupane, Ph.D. Student, August 2021 - Present
Research Interest: experimental fluid dynamics, fire science, fire safety, computational fluid dynamics
Hobbies: watching football, cricket, reading books

Ali Naqvi, Ph.D. Student, January 2022 - Present
Research Interest: computational fluid dynamics, numerical modeling, fire science, thermofluids
Hobbies: competitive sports, reading fiction, hiking, travel

Jiaxuan Han, Ph.D. Student, January 2024 - Present
Research Interest: computational fluid dynamics, effects of partial gravity and pressure on limiting oxygen index
Hobbies: motorcycle, fishing, hiking, making friends

Keith Cartwright, BS/MS Student, Summer 2022 - Present
Research Interest: fire science, computational fluid dynamics, forest fires
Hobbies: track and field, watching baseball, meteorology

Julian Crawford, MS Student, Fall 2023 - Present
Research Interest: preventing fire propagation in pipes, use of triply periodic minimal surfaces in fire prevention, fire science, combustion, CFD analysis, and experimental fluid dynamics
Hobbies: archery, axe throwing, camping, reading about strategy, American football, baseball, and rugby.



Ankit Sharma,  Post-Doctoral Researcher, Nov. 2021 - Jan. 2024
First position after graduation: Postdoctoral Researcher at NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland. 

Wohan Cui,  Ph.D. Graduate, 2023
First position after graduation: Analyst at Whirlpool Corporation, Benton Harbor, Michigan. 

Byoungchul Kwon,  Ph.D. Graduate, 2023
First position after graduation: Postdoctoral Researcher at UL Research Institutes, Houston, Texas. 

Arland Zatania Lojo BS/MS Graduate (thesis-based), 2022
First position after graduation: Rocket Propulsion Engineer II at HX5 at NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland Ohio. 

Enna Van Den Akker,  BS/MS Graduate (thesis-based), 2022
First position after graduation: Thermal Engineer at Space X, Redmond Washington. 

Eli Healey, BS/MS Graduate (thesis-based), 2022

Yanjun Li,  Ph.D. Graduate, 2021
First position after graduation: faculty member at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, China. 

Andrew Green, BS/MS Graduate, 2020 (project-based)
First position after graduation: Engineer at FirstEnergy, Akron Ohio. 

Ama Carney, BS/MS Graduate, 2020 (thesis-based)
First position after graduation: Thermal Analyst at Sierra Lobo, Ohio

Chengyao Li,  Ph.D. Graduate, 2019
First position after graduation:Postdoctral Researcher at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio.

Qian Li, MS Graduate, 2019 (thesis-based)
First position after graduation: China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd, Beijing China

Stephen Finnegan, MS Graduate, 2018 (project-based)
First position after graduation: Triumph Electronics & Controls - Ohio, Forest Ohio

JeanHyuk Park, MS Graduate, 2017 (thesis-based)
First position after graduation: MPS Korea

Minze Tao, MS Graduate, 2017 (project-based)
First position after graduation: Tencent, Palo Alto California

Shixun Gao, MS Graduate, 2016 (project-based)
First position after graduation: COMAC, Shanghai China