Security, Privacy, and Data Science Laboratory

Research Interests

  • Privacy enhancing technologies (including big data and genomic privacy)
  • Genomic privacy
  • Fingerprinting correlated data and relational databases
  • Iterative algorithms for trust and reputation management



- We are always looking for Master's and Ph.D. students to work on data privacy. Send me an email if interested (

- New paper in AMAI 2023: Efficient Federated Kinship Relationship Identification

- New paper in APBC 2023: Near-Optimal Privacy-Utility Tradeoff in Genomic Studies Using Selective SNP Hiding

- New paper in NDSS 2023: Differentially-Private Fingerprinting of Relational Databases

- New paper in PETS 2023: Differentially Private Fingerprinting for Location Trajectories

- New grant from NSF: Privacy-Preserving Sharing of Genomic Databases

- New grant from NIH: Privacy Challenges of Genomic Data-Sharing Beacons and Solutions -

- New grant from NSF: Robust, Privacy- and Utility-Preserving Fingerprinting Schemes for Correlated Data -

- New grant from NSF: ICICLE: Intelligent CyberInfrastructure with Computational Learning in the Environment -

- Grant from Cisco Research: Privacy-Preserving Distributed Healthcare Analytics through Personal Clouds -

- Grant from GE Lighting (Savant): Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning for Smart Home -



Department of Computer and Data Sciences, Olin 402
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OHIO, 44106, USA


Other Affiliations