Center for Applied Raman Spectroscopy

Welcome to the Center for Applied Raman Spectroscopy at the Case School of Engineering, Case Western Reserve University.


The Applied Raman Spectroscopy Center provides services to both trained and untrained users in acquiring Raman spectra and spectral data processing. Raman spectroscopy provides information on identities and amounts of chemical species, crystallinity/purity and molecular alignment.

Liquid, gas or solid phase specimens can be analyzed with Raman. Pharmaceuticals, polymers, coating, additives, biological samples and tissues, graphene, diamond, carbon nanotube, and inorganic species are a few of the many samples that can be analyzed.

The center is equipped with specialty Raman systems that use green, NIR and IR lasers. Explore the center’s full array of equipment. All systems are accessible as a service center to individuals within Case Western Reserve University and from outside the university. The Applied Raman Spectroscopy Center also provides services in the processing and interpretation of spectral data.