Staff Spotlight: Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross is the assistant dean for research administration and executive director for CSE research support. Her role is co-located between the Office of Research and Technology Management (ORTM) and the Case School of Engineering, working with the research administration staff across the school and the institution to provide support for grant proposal submission and research implementation. In addition to overseeing the research administration enterprise within CSE, Amanda will work to streamline processes and procedures to decrease redundancy and increase productivity as it relates to proposal submission and project implementation.

When was your first day at CSE?

January 29, 2024

What makes you most excited about joining CSE?

In my experience, CSE always has something exciting going on. And that was before we started building a new building! Prior to an 18 month hiatus with Huron Consulting, I worked at CWRU for 11 years in both the School of Medicine and the College of Arts and Sciences. I worked CSE adjacent, and I had great experiences working with the CSE faculty and staff leadership I encountered. I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the support system that fosters the teaching and research that makes CSE an education and innovation destination on campus.

So far, what is your favorite thing about CWRU?

I came back to CWRU for the community and CSE has not disappointed. Not only do I feel welcome in the Dean's office and the school, but I have enjoyed catching up with longtime colleagues and friends across campus.

Share something about you! Your hobbies, favorite restaurants or Cleveland spots, a recent book you've read. Anything!

I am an avid audio book fan. My favorite genre's right now are fantasy, sci-fi fantasy, and what my husband calls "spy-tech," which are thrillers about espionage and high stakes. I try to listen to a book and do something - dishes, exercise, crochet - rather than scroll on my phone. It's a real challenge but I'm doing pretty well so far this year.

More about Amanda.

I grew up all over the US as the child of a Navy helicopter pilot. I am now have a family of five and we live on the west side of Cleveland. My kids are 19 (away at school), 16, and 8. We are big supporters of the Arts, and enjoy board games, nature, and local Cleveland sports. I have very much appreciated the warm welcome I have received from faculty and staff alike. I am excited to join the CSE family.