Department Forms and Procedures

Departmental Forms

Departmental key request/building access approval form.

Departmental Service Form: For use as students fulfill departmental service duties such as serving on MSO, as TAs/graders, or as participants in hosting departmental social events, etc.

Completion of RQE Form: To be submitted after successful completion of passing the Research Qualifying Exam (RQE).

Purchasing Guidelines

To place an order, complete the Purchase Request Form. Please send ALL your purchasing requests, regardless of speedtype, to

If you have any questions about your order, please send an email to To create or update a shipping address, please visit

For instructions on purchasing a Dell computer, please visit

Reimbursements and Travel

For travel, please complete the Statement of Travel Expense and attach all original receipts.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: For meal reimbursements, the university requires an itemized receipt detailing all food and beverage items purchased along with the names of any guests who were dining with you. For all reimbursements, please submit original receipts along with the speedtype and signed supervisor authorization to the chair's assistant.

With international travel, the university also requires that a print-out of the currency exchange rate be attached to the paperwork from a website such as Each applicable receipt must have a USD equivalent amount noted on it.

New and Continuing Students

For questions regarding graduation admissions and status of applications, please email

Information on University orientation:

Information for Newly Arriving International Students:

Information on the Student Health Plan:


Information for Current Students (Office of Graduate Studies) for any of the following: the Graduate Student Handbook, General Bulletin, tuition and fees, important forms, planned programs of study, policies and procedures, dissertation guidelines, graduation information, and funding opportunities:

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is a vehicle through which the graduate students of Case Western Reserve University can meet, discuss, and take action on relevant administrative, academic, and professional affairs.  Please visit their site:

Student Employment and Payroll

Student Employment Forms: Forms that need to be filled out by students to be employed by the university.

Payroll Data Entry Form: For use by graduate students on payroll/tuition assistance with the department.

To review time approval and payroll cut-off dates, please visit