Research Highlights

We work primarily on the development of new materials at the intersection of metallurgy, nanotechnology, and magnetic properties.  The problems that we tackle in this broad intersection are ones that we find interesting, important, and/or a learning experience.  Our recent research seeks to improve energy efficiency and miniaturization of magnetic components through novel alloy design.
Topics (big picture) in no particular order 
•Nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloys
•Rare earth permanent magnet alloys
•Rare earth free permanent magnets
•Magnetocaloric effect in amorphous alloys
•Rapid solidification and Alloy Design
Research Projects (with sponsors)
ARPA-E REACT (2013-15)
TEN Mare – Transition Enabled Nitrides Magnets absent rare earths
NSF DMREF (2016-20)
DMREF/Collaborative Research: Accelerated Soft Magnetic Alloy Design and Synthesis Guided by Theory and Simulation (in collaboration with Colorado School of Mines (Ciobanu & Stebner) and Univ. Minnesota (James))
DARPA DSO (2016-17)
ONR LIFT (2016-19)
High Temperature Magnets (in collaboration with Univ. Cincinnati (Shi), Univ. Toledo (Heben), and Youngstown State Univ. (Solomon))
ATI (2018-20)
Recent Collaborators (with links to their sites)
Vincent G. Harris (Northeastern University)
Victorino Franco (University of Sevilla – SPAIN)
Michael E. McHenry (Carnegie Mellon University)
Laura H. Lewis (Northeastern University)