Computer Gaming Minor

The Minor in Computer Gaming is open to students from any major, though most are computer science majors. Five courses are required (search for “gaming” in the course bulletin), two of which are the intro and advanced game development courses. The intro course is about learning basic game design and Unity3D game engine development through programming assignments and a 4-week group project where teams of 4 students create and publish a game prototype on The advanced course is quite unique because it is co-taught with Cleveland Institute of Art’s Game Design Department. Students from both schools join together into teams of 10 students to create and publish an original game for the entire semester on We hold an Arcade Day at the end and invite guest judges from industry to evaluate the projects. In the past, we have had professionals from major studios remote in, but lately we have been inviting local independent and local studios to show up in person for greater interaction.

All students are able to access the Kevin Kranzusch Gaming, Simulation and Visualization Lab, which has 20 Alienware PCs with Nvidia 1080GTX GPUs, an Oculus Rift and HoloLens development room, an iOS and Android mobile App development room, and a conference room. This lab is also used by the Case Esports Club, which is open to casual and competitive gamers