Meet the Staff

Experienced lab staff are here to help you with your project

John Gibbons

Lab Director

Phone: (216) 368-2816


John Gibbons’ engineering career has spanned over 30 years of industrial circuit design and development experience, both in the digital and analog design realms. Accomplishments include a custom ASIC, multiple patents, and mastering the art of sub femto-Amp current measurement techniques during 20 years at Keithley Instruments. While at Keithley John was also responsible for mentoring engineering Co-Op students to help them prepare for a successful start in the field of electrical design engineering.

John graduated from Case Western Reserve University with his BSEE degree in May 1981 and his MSEE degree in January 1983.

As Lab Director John is responsible for running and maintaining all aspects of the Engineering Design Lab. But more importantly his focus is on helping / mentoring students with their electrical design project and/or assignment challenges.

Hobbies include woodworking, biking, playing 5-string Zeta violin and 5 string Bass Guitar, Amateur Radio (holds an Amateur Extra class license - N8OBJ), Audio and Electronics design / tinkering and working on a 1974 Triumph TR6 when time permits.

John lives in Macedonia, Ohio with his wife Wendy (CWRU BSSE 1982). He has a son Brian (amateur License K8BGV) (CWRU BSEE 2012, UIUC MSEE 2014, PhD 2018) and a daughter Laura (amateur License N8THC) (EMU BMT 2017).

Larry Sears

Adjunct Faculty


Larry received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 1969. He founded Hexagram, Inc, (now ACLARA RF Systems) in 1972 as a “design and build” supplier of electronic instruments and controls.

Since focusing on a proprietary product line, ACLARA has become one of the leading providers of telemetry products for automatically reading utility meters. Since 1998, ACLARA has sold millions of its wireless meter-reading products to gas, water, and electric utilities. Aclara is responsible for most of the Unites States' largest installations of fixed-network, automated meter-reading systems for water and gas meters. Larry retired from Aclara in 2006.

In 2006, Sally and Larry established the Undergraduate Design Lab at Case. This modern, glass-walled space features workstations with state-of-the-art test equipment, special-project rooms, and student activity space. The Lab is devoted to nurturing the creative intelligence and entrepreneurial spirit of Case undergraduates.

Mr. Sears holds or co-holds 19 patents relating to a variety of industrial products. He is currently a member of the Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Case Western Reserve University, where he lectures on circuit and product design.

Mr. Sears is a Senior Member of IEEE, and a member of the Board of Trustees of Case Western Reserve University. He lives in Hunting Valley, Ohio with his wife, Sally; they have three children.