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Case Western Reserve University Research Indicates Whole-House Fire Blankets Could Save Structures in Wildfires.

Professor Fumiaki Takahashi’s research was recently published by Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering. The research indicates that wrapping a home in a fire blanket not only keeps flames from getting to the structure but it also helps to reflect the heat.

NIH and CTSC Funding Awarded to Dr. Umut Gurkan

Congratulations to Umut Gurkan, PhD who has received a 90-day conceptualization and planning award from the National Health Institutes (NIH) National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Cure Sickle Cell initiative.

Professor Sunniva Collins is the New President of the Case Alumni Association

Professor Collins’ election to the President of the Case Alumni Association represents a historical milestone – she became the 2nd woman to lead CAA, a 134-year-old association, after the first female president, Susie Nagorney ’76.


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Professor Emeritus Mike Adams Published New Books

Life after retirement can take many different forms, and for Professor Emeritus Mike Adams, it means more time to turn decades of research experience into scholar books.  Since 2017, he has published three books on topics ranging from Power Plant Centrifugal Pumps to Bearings and Rotating Machinery (CRC Press, Inc.)


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Professor Gao Received 2019 IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Best Application Award

Prof. Robert Gao is the recipient of the 2019 IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Best Application Award, which recognizes his research on “A Multivariate Sensor for In-Situ Process Monitoring of Injection Molding”. 

EMAE's Spring 2019 e-Newsletter Highlights

EMAE’s Spring 2019 e-Newsletter has just been released. 
Please take a look at the latest news and highlights from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at CWRU.

Dr. Quinn Receives Faculty Distinguished Research Award

Congratulations to Roger Quinn, Arthur P. Armington Professor of Engineering in the 
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Case School of Engineering!

Over more than three decades at Case Western Reserve University, Roger Quinn has become an international leader in robotics, making seminal contributions to the fascinating and rapidly emerging field of bio-robotics.

Quinn has also guided graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and research associates in developing new designs and control theories based on biological principles for improving robot performance.

ION Autonomous Snowplow Competition 2019

A Case student team advised by Frank Merat (EECS) and Roger Quinn (EMAE) wins the 2019 Autonomous Snowplow Competition in Toronto.

In late January, 2019, eight driverless vehicles faced off in a tournament in Toronto, Ontario. These weren't just another group of self-driving cars, however; they were autonomous snowplows.

The purpose of this competition is to challenge university and college students to design, build, and operate a fully autonomous snowplow to remove snow from a designated path, while avoiding obstacles. The objectives of this competition include encouraging students to utilize the state of the art in navigation and control technologies to rapidly, accurately, and safely clear a path of snow.