Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Professor Ozan Akkus Received Two New Grants

The first grant, entitled “Immunoregenerative treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence by Autologous Macrophage Therapy”, an R21 project, is funded by NIH’s Child Health and Human Development program (NICHD). The total of funding is $440K, for the period of November 2018 - October 2020.

The project aims to develop the next generation biomaterial for treatment of urinary incontinence that affects particularly the women. The approach will unify a novel computer controlled filament winding method with cells extracted from blood to expedite the speed and efficacy of repair.

The second grant, entitled “Treatment of Tracheal Stenosis by Drug Eluting, Bioabsorbable Stent”, is funded by Veterans Administration at $200K, for December 2018 – November 2020.

Tracheal stenosis is a condition where the airway is constricted by inflammation. The present non-resorbably silicon or metal stents are associated with complications. This project will develop a multifunctional, multimaterial and bioresorbable polymeric stent that is fabricated by the novel rotational spraying technology. The stent will promote the formation of epithelial cell layer, will release steroids to mitigate the inflammation while encompassing a self-deployment capability.

As a Co-PI of both projects, Prof. Akkus will collaborate with colleagues from the medical school on developing new bio-materials and bio-devices for advancing the state of science and engineering for health care.