Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Research Associate Professor

Contact Information:

MS110-3 NASA Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, Ohio 44135

Phone Number: 216-433-2878


Research Interests:

Dr. Balasubramaniam’s research interests include theoretical and experimental research in the areas of fluid mechanics and transport phenomena, specifically – Marangoni convection; bubble and droplet dynamics; interfacial phenomena; miscible interfaces; surfactant effects; microgravity science; phase change phenomena; aerospace technology; fluid mechanics of crystal growth; physicochemical hydrodynamics.

Recent Publications:

R. Balasubramaniam and M.M. Hasan, “Transient condensation of flowing vapor on a flat-plate: A scaling analysis,” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 91, 793-799, 2015. 

R. Balasubramaniam, S. Gokoglu, K. Sacksteder, R. Wegeng and N. Suzuki, “Analysis of Solar-Heated Thermal Wadis to Support Extended-Duration Lunar Exploration,” Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 25(1), 130-139, 2011.

R. Balasubramaniam, S. Gokoglu and U. Hegde, “The reduction of lunar regolith by carbothermal processing using methane,” International Journal of Mineral Processing, 96, 54-61, 2010.