Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Professor, Sunniva Collins the 2019 Recipient of the Albert Sauveur Award

Professor, Sunniva Collins is the 2019 recipient of the Albert Sauveur Award for the ASM Philadelphia (Liberty Bell) Chapter. The Sauveur award is given for “for outstanding achievement in the Science of Materials.  The recipient should have contributed significantly to a recognized advance or achievement in understanding and applying materials science principles to an advance in the field.”
Professor Collins was selected for the award in light of both technical achievements and service to ASM International. In November 2018, she will deliver the annual Sauveur Lecture, based on her research, to the annual Sauveur Night meeting of the chapter.

Albert Sauveur, (born June 21, 1863, Leuven, Belg.—died Jan. 26, 1939, Boston, Mass., U.S.), Belgian-born American metallurgist whose microscopic and photomicroscopic studies of metal structures make him one of the founders of physical metallurgy.  He was appointed in 1924 as Gordon McKay professor of mining and metallurgy at Harvard University and created the first metallographic laboratory at an American university. Sauveur’s work in heat treatment of metals is still regarded as a scientific landmark, and his book The Metallography and Heat Treatment of Iron and Steel (1912) developed the processing-microstructure-properties paradigm still used in materials science and engineering.

Albert Sauveur Achievement Award