Professor Mario Garcia-Sanz Publishes New Book

Robust Control Engineering: practical QFT solutions. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, USA. ISBN: 978-1-138-03207-1

Description: This book is indispensable for engineers and researchers designing reliable control solutions for industrial, energy, environmental, biomedical, chemical, electrical, mechanical and aerospace applications. It covers the fundamentals of the QFT robust control as well as practical control solutions for unstable, time-delay, non-minimum phase or distributed parameter systems, plants with large model uncertainty, with high-performance specifications, nonlinear components, multi-input multi-output characteristics or asymmetric topologies.

The reader will discover practical applications through a large collection of successful real-world projects where Prof. Garcia-Sanz has been involved over the last 25 years, including commercial wind turbines, wastewater treatment plants, power systems, satellites with flexible appendages and flying in formation, large radio telescopes and industrial manufacturing systems. Furthermore, the book presents problems and projects with the popular QFT Control Toolbox (the QFTCT) for MATLAB developed by the author.