EECS UG Advising Frequently Asked Questions


This FAQ attempts to answer some of the most commonly asked undergraduate advising questions. If you have questions not addressed here please contact your major advisor or Kimberly Yurchick in Glennan 322 (kimberly.yurchick@case.edu).

How do I declare my major or minor?  How do I get an EECS advisor?

Take your declaration of major or minor form to Kimberly Yurchick (kimberly.yurchick@case.edu) in Glennan 322 and she will process the form(s) and assign you a major/minor advisor.  If you do not have the declaration forms simply see her to get the forms.

How can I fix an error in my degree requirements in SIS?

What this usually means is that a class you took such as a technical elective is not being counted properly in SIS.  Your advisor can usually approve a class as a technical elective or the substitution of a class for a required class using the SIS correction form.

Where can I get a form I need?

Kimberly Yurchick in Glennan 322 will have some of the forms you might be referred to.  A good place to download a large number of forms you might need is the Forms Page maintained by Undergraduate Studies.  They will typically have the latest form for almost every undergraduate need.

Where can I find my official degree requirements?

The CWRU General Bulletin is the authoritative reference for all degree requirements.  Another useful document especially for freshmen and sophomores is the First Year Registration Guide which is published every year by Undergraduate Studies.  It contains information about proficiency exams, contact information for each department, AP credit, General Education Requirements, and sample first year curricula for many majors and a host of other things.

What sophomore courses can/should I take abroad?

A number of students (especially sophomores) consider taking the spring semester of the sophomore year abroad.  This often involves taking classes such as ENGR 210 and MATH 224 at the foreign university.  Our experience has been that math classes in Europe are organized differently than ours and finding the equivalent of math classes such as MATH 224 to take has been difficult.  Speak to the International Studies Office and to your major advisor before making any decisions.  Prof. Merat has some experience with the different universities.  Academic planning for a semester abroad is crucial if you do not want to delay your graduation.

How do I get credit for ENGR 210 (or any other Engineering Core class) taken elsewhere?

If you are planning to take ENGR 210 during the summer at another school you must get approval from Undergraduate Studies and from the School of Engineering in Advance.

There is a new form for approving the transfer of any engineering core course (e.g., ENGR 131, ENGR 210) taken elsewhere.

Created: 2016-8-5. Last Modified: 2016-8-18.