EECS500 Fall 2014 Department Colloquium

Cui Tao
Applying Ontology and Semantic Web Technologies to Clinical and Biomedical Studies
University of Texas
White 411
September 25, 2014

The recent large-scale deployments of Electronic Health Records (EHR) across medical institutions as well as the explosive growth of biomedical data provide new opportunities of clinical and translational studies. There is an urgent need for engage and advance information technologies to store, share, and analyze these big clinical and biomedical data.  The role of biomedical informatics in science has never been so prominent. One prerequisite of meaningful use of the big clinical and biomedical data is the interoperability among knowledge, data, and applications. Here we share our vision on applying semantic web techniques to biomedical knowledge representation, as well as to retrieve useful information and knowledge from biomedical and clinical data for clinical and translational studies.


Dr. Cui Tao is an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), School of Biomedical Informatics. Before joining UTHealth, she was an Assistant Professor and an Associate Consultant at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN from 2009 to 2013. She is currently an Adjunct Faculty at Mayo Clinic.  

Dr. Tao received a PhD and an MS in Computer Science from Brigham Young University and a BS in Biology Minor in Computer Science from Beijing Normal University. Her research focuses on ontology generation, conceptual modeling, and information extraction over the biomedical domain. She is also interested in the Semantic Web and its application on biomedical and clinical data.

Dr. Tao’s research has been supported by large-scale federal funding such as SHARPn ($15M), SHARPc ($15M), NCBO ($18.1M), and PRGN ($15.6M). She has been a principal investigator (PI) or a co-investigator (co-I) of projects supported by over $60 Million in federal or state funding. As a PI, She has received awards from NSF, NIH, and Mayo Clinic research funding. Dr. Tao currently serves as the PI of one R01 funded by the NIH and a co-I for six federal or state funded projects.

Dr. Tao has authored more than 60 peer-reviewed articles, which have been published in journals or conferences of international circulation. Her articles have been cited in over 600 publications by other researchers. Dr. Tao has been the organizing chairs of 6 international conferences and workshops and has served as an editor for 6 special issues for the Database Journal, Journal of Biomedical Semantics, Journal of Cancer Informatics, and Methods of Information in Medicine. Dr. Tao is also a program committee member for many international conferences and workshops and has been invited to peer-review hundreds of publications.