EECS Spring 2014 Department Seminar

Timothy Henderson
Mining Specifications
Case Western Reserve University
White Bldg., Room 411
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
April 17, 2014

Program analysis techniques verify the correctness of source code with respect to known specifications. However, these techniques are only as good as the specifications they verify. The need to formally describe desired properties of the software has limited verification to very general properties almost every program should satisfy. In the last decade a new field has sprung up to extract these specifications from the software itself. While the existing tools have demonstrated the theory there is still work to be done. My lecture will introduce specification mining, the broad principles used in the field, and my current efforts at improving the state of the art.


Tim Henderson is a PhD student here at CWRU under Andy Podgurski. His past work has included test case generation and user interfaces for static analysis. Tim received his BA from CWRU in 2010 in computer science. Tim has been an active member and organizer of CWRU Hacker Society since 2008 and currently serves as an adviser. In addition to his work at CWRU, Tim is a software engineer at Mobile Defense Inc.