EECS500 Fall 2013 Department Seminar

Jingrui He
Detecting Complex Rare Categories: Theory and Application
Stevens Institute of Technology
White Bldg., Room 411
11:30am - 12:30pm
October 17, 2013
Complex rare categories exist in many real-world problems. Take
insider threat detection from various social contexts as an example.
While the target malicious insiders may only be a very small portion
of the entire population (i.e., rarity), each person can be
characterized by rich features, such as social friendship, emails,
instant messages, etc (i.e., feature heterogeneity). Moreover,
different types of insiders, though correlated, may exhibit different
statistical characteristics (i.e., task heterogeneity). For such
problems, how can we quickly identify an example from a new rare
category? How can we leverage both feature heterogeneity and task
heterogeneity to help detect more examples from the same rare category?
In this talk, I will present our recent work on addressing this
challenge. In the first part, I will answer the question of how to detect the rare 
examples with the help of a labeling oracle. In the second part, I will
present a graph-based classification method taking into consideration both 
feature heterogeneity and task heterogeneity. I will also talk about how these
techniques can be used in other applications such as semiconductor