EECS Faculty Research Achievements Recognized at IEEE SENSORS 2012 Conference

Wen Ko

At the IEEE SENSORS 2012 Conference recently held in Taipei, Taiwan, it was announced that Prof. Wen H. Ko has been chosen to receive the IEEE Sensors Council’s 2012 Technical Achievement Award

This distinguished honor has been given to Prof. Ko “for five decades of contributions to the international sensors community, featuring research achievements in microelectronics, implantable biomedical sensors, telemetry, biomedical instruments, microelectromechanical systems, and micropackaging technology”.  The award includes an honorarium. 

Prof. Ko currently leads a team consisting of Co-PIs, postdoctoral scholar, graduate and undergraduate students, focusing on advancing micropackaging and implantable microsystems research. 

In addition to Prof. Ko’s Technical Achievement Award, other Case EECS researchers have also received recognitions at the IEEE SENSORS 2012 Conference.  Prof. Chris Zorman was an Invited Speaker; he delivered an Invited Lecture on SiC MEMS Sensor Technologies.  Prof. Philip Feng was an Invited Tutorial Speaker, and he gave a Tutorial Lecture on Emerging Nanoelectromechanical Sensors (NEMS), for which he would also receive an honorarium. 

IEEE SENSORS Conference is the flagship conference of the IEEE Sensors Council, an organization currently consisting of 25 IEEE member societies.  IEEE SENSORS 2012 showcased high quality technical presentations on a broad range of multidisciplinary topics related to sensors and sensor applications. 

This year’s conference in Taipei, Taiwan was the 11th annual conference.  The conference attracted over 1080 abstracts from over 40 different countries.  IEEE SENSORS rotates globally on a 3 year cycle: Europe/Africa, Asia-Pacific, Americas.  IEEE SENSORS 2013 will be held in Baltimore, MD, USA - Nov. 3-6, 2013. 

Reference Links:  http://ieee-sensors2012.org/http://www.ieee-sensors.org/