Prof. Garcia-Sanz publishes new book on Wind Energy Systems

Wind Energy BookProf. Garcia-Sanz, the Milton and Tamar Maltz Professor of Energy Innovation, in the EECS department has published a new book: "Wind Energy Systems: Control Engineering Design" through the CRC Press. This book describes the design and field experiementation of real-world multi-megawatt wind turbines and their control systems. It introduces the main topics of modern wind turbine design and control, including (1) the description of classical and advanced turbines, (2) dynamic modeling, (3) control objectives and strategies, (4) standards and certification, (5) controller design, and (6) a large number of applications like onshore and offshore wind turbines, floating wind turbines, airborne wind energy systems, advanced experimentation and real experiementation.

The book also presents the main concepts of the QFT robust control enginering technique in such a manner that students and practicing engineers can readily grasp the fundamentals anda appreciate its transparency in bridging the gap between theory and the real world. It addresses state-of-the-art of QFT methods to design control systems for multi-input multi-output applications, distributed parameter systems, and a hybrid methodology to design non-linear robust control systems able to go beyond the classical linear limitations.

The book includes one of the most advanced object-oriented CAD tool for QFT controller design with MATLAB, developed with the European Space Agency.