EECS500 Fall 2011 Department Seminar

Michael Adams
Fault Detection and Enhanced Control Through Measurement, Modeling, and Virtual Sensors
Machinery Vibration Inc.
White Bldg., Room 411
11:30am - 12:30pm
September 29, 2011


Rotating machines are essential components in both conventional and renewable power generation. Real-time vibration monitoring is these systems provide information to plant operators and maintenance personnel regarding equipment availability and health. In this seminar we will discuss machine fault detection and diagnosis, as part of an overall condition monitoring strategy.  In particular, we look at a model-based approach for fault detection and diagnostics for specific types of machine components (e.g. rolling element bearings) with a predetermined list of potential faults. Tuned models of this type can also be used as a stand-alone troubleshooting tool to help screen potential root causes of an existing machine fault, and serve as the platform to test potential fixes. Another use for a tuned model is to pair it with real-time measurements, let the measurements drive the model, and then from the model produce virtual sensors.



Michael Adams is currently the President of Machinery Vibration Incorporated and a part time instructor at Cleveland State University. Machinery Vibration Incorporated is a small, private consulting company, and over the last 12 years Michael Adams has compiled an extensive and diverse portfolio of successful industrial and research projects through this company. His main activities in this regard have been in the areas of field troubleshooting of high energy rotating machinery, aerospace research, as well as general vibration measurement, signal processing, and analysis. More recently, Michael Adams has been involved with advanced technology development for wind turbines, system modeling of combined mechanical/hydraulic/electrical systems, and developing virtual sensors for large steam turbines and vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps.