EECS Special Video Seminar

Srinivas Raghavan
Pervasive Technologies Enable New Healthcare Paradigms
Olin 408
11:30am - 12:30pm
May 13, 2011

Technology advances in ubiquitous sensing, wireless communication, cloud computing and social networking platforms have the potential to truly transform health care as we know it. These pervasive technologies will enable new paradigms of care with individualized, preventative medicine in the form of remote monitoring, medication compliance and mobile imaging. The new paradigm of care empowers patients, care providers, payers, and administrators by providing health care ubiquitously, focused on lower costs, patient centered care and better outcomes. This new paradigm will alleviate some of the tremendous stresses on our current health care system, where the burgeoning cost of episodic care in hospitals and other facilities is unsustainable. Infrastructure independent health care will empower patients and families to take greater responsibility for their own health, with the promise of improving engagement, satisfaction, outcomes and cost. In this presentation we will describe the premise of wireless health technology leading to new care paradigms, and provide examples of meaningful innovation related to wireless health.