Graduate Student Orientation

Welcome to our graduate program. We hope you will find your stay at Case Western Reserve University challenging and instructive.

This page contains the links to the information you will be expected to know on your way to an advanced degree.

Our tradition has been to treat each graduate student as a special individual. If you find that your particular situation is not adequately covered in this information, or if for any reason you feel your case deserves consideration for exemption from one or another rule, the EECS Graduate Committee or the Department Chairman is always ready to listen. The EECS Student Affairs Office (3rd floor Glennan) can help you identify the person or committee best suited to assist you.

Not all mail is electronically delivered. It is worthwhile to check your assigned mailbox in a regular fashion for important notices, mail, and scheduled colloquium announcements. These boxes can be found on the fourth floor of Olin near the elevator. If your name is not on one, contact the graduate coordinator in Glennan 320.

New graduate teaching assistants are expected to enroll in the non-credit course “Professional Development for Graduate Assistants” (UNIV 400). This required course, usually offered one week before the Fall Semester starts, consist of seminars by faculty on effective professional communication skills. It also provides teaching assistants with opportunities to discuss and reflect upon their instructional roles.