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Professor Wyatt Newman - TEDx Talk

Professor Wyatt Newman recently gave a TED talk in Lugano, Switzerland. Check it out below.


Professor Wyatt Newman Publishes New Book

A Systematic Approach to Learning Robot Programming with ROS

Wyatt Newman, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

ROS is becoming the de facto means of robot programming, and is expected to be crucial for robotics development in self-driving cars, service robots, military robots, industrial robots, aerial drones, underwater robots, and smart buildings and cities. This text is for senior undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professionals learning or working in automation. The ROS
style of programming offers many benefits to developers, including: access to a large library of ROS packages; open-source repositories; rapid prototyping of new robots, sensors and actuators; ability to develop code in realistic dynamic simulations; and ability to deploy systems that exploit distributed processing.

Professor Mario Garcia-Sanz Publishes New Book

Robust Control Engineering: practical QFT solutions. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, USA. ISBN: 978-1-138-03207-1

Description: This book is indispensable for engineers and researchers designing reliable control solutions for industrial, energy, environmental, biomedical, chemical, electrical, mechanical and aerospace applications. It covers the fundamentals of the QFT robust control as well as practical control solutions for unstable, time-delay, non-minimum phase or distributed parameter systems, plants with large model uncertainty, with high-performance specifications, nonlinear components, multi-input multi-output characteristics or asymmetric topologies.

Googol Best New Application Paper Award

The Googol Best New Application Paper Award (Sponsored by Googol Technology (HK) Ltd)


About the Award

Description: To recognize the Best New Application Paper of the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering (T-ASE) published in the previous calendar year
Established: 2004
Prize: $1,000 to be shared by all authors and certificates for individual authors
Funding: Funded by Googol Technology (HK) Ltd.


Congratulations to Michael Suster, PhD, along with fellow APT Center Investigators Pedram Mohseni, PhD, and Evi Stavrou, MD, as well as Anirban Sen Gupta, PhD, who have received funding from the American Heart Association to develop a dielectric microsensor - called ClotChip – with the goal to provide a comprehensive assessment of a patient's blood coagulation status at the point-of-care. This 2-year project started this month and has received a total award of $153,248. The ClotChip was licensed last year by XaTek and this project was supported with seed funding by the APT Center.